Monday, November 25, 2013

DIY Beauty- Cupcake Manicure with Tutorial.

A facebook group I am in has a weekly challenge and this week's theme is cupcakes!
 I love the them and needed a break from all the fall dark I have been wearing... though I still love it.

Anyway, here is my step by step picture how to, feel free to ask any questions if needed!
What I used- 
Blu by Zoya
Pinky Glitter by SinfulColors
Dimepiece by Floss Gloss
Camille, Brandt and Bunny by Julep
Chunky Holo Teal by Klean Color
Konad Plate M77
Pro Plate Collection 04 with stamp by MoYou
Top Coat by Seche Vite 

I started by painting all my nails white, I used 2 coats of Bunny.
I applied Dimepiece to the base and up to the middle of my ring and thumb nails.
Leaving some of silver glitter I painted all but the base with Pinky Glitter.
I finished the glitter accent nails with Camille on the tips since I wanted more glitter but not more pink.
Use the cupcake stamp from the MoYou plate.
It was clearly not fit on my finger to I stamped it off-centered.
You can color the cupcake on the stamper for a cleaner look but I wanted mine to look a but messy so I painted on top. Using Blu by Zoya and a dotting tool I filled in every other line leaving some black on both sides.
I then used Pinky Glitter to fill in the frosting.
And topped it off with a pink crystal!
I then used the double row garland looking design from the Konad plate and only using one of the rows (rubbed the top row off with a dotting tool) places it near the tip of my nail.
I filled in the tip of the nail with Chunky Holo Teal and the dots with Pinky Glitter.
And I finished off with my favorite top coat!
I was so excited for the cupcake when I started these nails but I am in love with how the index and pink came!
Give it a try and post it on facebook and instagram using #LanieBuck & @LanieBuck

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Tasty Treat Review- Energems + Giveaway!

Bite-Sized, Hard-Coated Gems With Caffeine, & B-vitamins.
I received 3 boxes of Energems to try and review last week and they came just in time. My sleep schedule has been very good (maybe too good) I have been going to bed between 8pm-10pm and getting up between 4am-6am so when noon comes around I am in need of a pick me up. With noon being a very busy time for me I don't want to take a nap and usually am too into what I am doing to go and get a cup coffee or soda to get my caffeine fix so I found these to be very handy to just have in my purse or at my desk.

Anyway, a cup of coffee for me (about 4.5 oz) from my home coffee maker is 60-100 mg of caffeine and there is 75 mg in one 3 piece serving. I have used them at noon for the past week and found 1 piece is not enough, 3 is too much but 2 is just right for me.
They have 3 flavors to pick from, I tried all 3.
There is Mint, Peanut Butter, & Chocolate.

As soon as I opened the package they sent I could smell the mint one. I was most excited for that one so I tried it last.

I went with chocolate first, it was alright. I thought it would be a more creamy milk chocolate but I think I had M&Ms in mind.

The second one I had was the peanut butter ones and I was not excited, I hate peanuts. These oddly are my favorite though, the creaminess of the peanut butter I think gave them the creamy chocolate texture I was looking for in the chocolate ones.

The mint ones... after these I felt like I had brushed my teeth with energy! They were not as good as the smelt, like most vitamin candies there was a chalky aftertaste and the mint ones had that. The chalky aftertaste wasn't the worst I have had but it was there. The chalkiness wasn't too much to stop me from getting them again though if I could not find the peanut butter ones. I think these ones would be lovely chopped up and made into chocolate mint energy cookies!
Overall I have to go with the peanut butter ones for the winner of taste. They all do the same thing and since the flavor doesn't linger (which I think is a good thing) it really does matter to me which I munch on. I am happy with the energy it gave this past week and the less calories vs. my creamer filled coffee and soda so I think I will be keeping a pack on hand.

One box of Energems retails at $2.99 and can be found at Dollar General and select Circle K stores, 7-Eleven stores, independent retailers and 

$1.00 Off Digital Coupon:
They created a $1.00 Off Digital Coupon that is redeemable at Dollar General and other retailers nation wide.  The link to see and download the coupon is:
20% Off all Energems On-Line Purchases. Expires 12/15/13
They created a special Discount Code that you can share with your readers. The code is NRGTOMO and is good for all purchases via :

Win a Free 6 Month Supply of Energems
They are hosting a contest to give away a 6 month supply of Energems (6 x 12 count boxes cartons of any flavor combination) via Punchtab.
You can view the contest at or enter below!

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Disclosure:  I received the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ipsy December 2013 Glam Bag Sneak Peeks and Spoilers! Update 12.9.13

I will update as Ipsy release sneak peeks so check back often!
If you are not already sign up join me on ipsy and subscribe to the Glam Bag! You get 4-5 beauty products every month delivered to your door, for just $10. Michelle Phan curates the bags! 
Also, check out my Stylist Profile here!
And last month's review here!
 Shipping has started!
And here is what I am getting and will review this month!


Multiple uses and multiple parties await this holiday!
 Spoiler- They don't seem to be hiding the products very well the last couple months so they are easy to tell the brand and goodie. This one seems to be The One Stick by Be A Bombshell.
We're looking forward to partying with one of these colorful trios!
Spoiler- Looks to be the smaller version of Pop Bueaty's Bright Up Your Life - Naturally Bare.
 Kick up the color and kick up your heels with one of many lovely lip shades!
Spoiler-  The goodie laying on the left looks to be The Big Lip Pencil from J. Cat Beauty.

The other seems to be NYX Cosmetics Extra Creamy Round Lipstick! I'm not a big fan of NYX but have yet to try their lipstick... who knows, it might be a winner.

We're counting down to December's Glam Bag with two of these celebration-worthy products!
Spoiler- 1. False lashes. 2. Polish 4. Mirabella Beauty's Eye Blender Brush. More coming soon.

Pop the bubbly and cue the confetti! You're invited to a month-long celebration with us and the December "Celebrate!" Glam Bag!

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

DIY Beauty- Rose and Glitter Nail Tutorial

This is my current go to manicure for myself.  I have been asked a few times for a tutorial so here it is :)
 What you will need-
Base polish
Glitter polish or pots for accent nails
Top Coat
Pro Plate Collection 04 by MoYou
Stamp set
What I used-
 Polish for red nails-
 Rose Garden Romance by Pomegranate Nail Lacquer
Bordeaux by Nailtini 
Top Coat by Seche Vite  
Polish for grey nails-
Brandt & Estelle by Julep
Caviar Cocktail by Nailtini
Top Coat by Seche Vite 
Polish for yellow nails-
Dahlia, Beatrix & Brandt by Julep
Top Coat by Seche Vite  
To start apply a coat or two of your base color.
Let dry for a moment then apply your glitter to your accent nails, mine are my thumb and ring fingers.
Using stamp pick up the polish from the plate of the outline of the roses.
I use Brandt by Julep for all my stamping but feel free to use stamping polish for a cleaner look.
Apply that on your pinky and index fingers.
 Do the same with the second rose plate for your middle fingers.
Apply your top coat and you are good to go!

Give it a try and post it on facebook and instagram using #LanieBuck & @LanieBuck

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